Bouchercon, the Anthony Boucher Memorial World Mystery Convention, is an annual convention
Fan convention
A fan convention, or con , is an event in which fans of a particular film, television series, comic book, actor, or an entire genre of entertainment such as science fiction or anime and manga, gather to participate and hold programs and other events, and to meet experts, famous personalities, and...

 of creators and devotees of mystery
Mystery fiction
Mystery fiction is a loosely-defined term.1.It is often used as a synonym for detective fiction or crime fiction— in other words a novel or short story in which a detective investigates and solves a crime mystery. Sometimes mystery books are nonfiction...

 and detective fiction
Detective fiction
Detective fiction is a sub-genre of crime fiction and mystery fiction in which an investigator , either professional or amateur, investigates a crime, often murder.-In ancient literature:...

. It is named in honour of writer, reviewer, and editor Anthony Boucher
Anthony Boucher
Anthony Boucher was an American science fiction editor and author of mystery novels and short stories. He was particularly influential as an editor. Between 1942 and 1947 he acted as reviewer of mostly mystery fiction for the San Francisco Chronicle...


It is held annually in the fall, each year being hosted in a different city by a different group of volunteers. The convention typically starts on Thursday and finishes on Sunday.

Each year, Bouchercon nominates and votes the Anthony Awards for excellence in crime fiction, including but not limited to: Best Novel, Best First Novel, Best Short Story, Best Critical Non-Fiction, and Best Paperback Original.

People who attend are fans, authors, agents, booksellers, publishers and other people who read and enjoy mystery and crime fiction. The first one was held in Santa Monica, California (CA) in 1970. The guest of honor was Robert Bloch
Robert Bloch
Robert Albert Bloch was a prolific American writer, primarily of crime, horror and science fiction. He is best known as the writer of Psycho, the basis for the film of the same name by Alfred Hitchcock...

of Psycho fame.

Registered attendees of each Bouchercon are designated as 'members', and vote at the annual business meeting (held during the convention) on necessary business items. Bouchercon's governing body is its Standing Committee, which changes year to year, being made up of people who have hosted and will host the convention, and three at large members who are elected by the membership.

Locations and Lifetime Achievement Awards

Year Place Lifetime Achievement Award
I 1970 Santa Monica, California none
II 1971 Los Angeles, California none
III 1972 Los Angeles, California none
IV 1973 Boston, Massachusetts none
V 1974 Oakland, California none
VI 1975 Chicago, Illinois none
VII 1976 Culver City, California none
VIII 1977 New York, New York none
IX 1978 Chicago, Illinois none
X 1979 Los Angeles, California none
XI 1980 Washington, D.C. none
XII 1981 Milwaukee, Wisconsin none
XIII 1982 San Francisco, California none
XIV 1983 New York, New York none
XV 1984 Chicago, Illinois none
XVI 1985 San Francisco, California none
XVII 1986 Baltimore, Maryland none
XVIII 1987 Minneapolis, Minnesota none
XIX 1988 San Diego, California none
XX 1989 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dorothy Salisbury Davis
XXI 1990 London, U.K. Michael Gilbert
XXII 1991 Pasadena, California William Campbell Gault
XXIII 1992 Toronto, Ontario Charlotte MacLeod
XXIV 1993 Omaha, Nebraska Hammond Innes and Ralph McInerny
XXV 1994 Seattle, Washington Tony Hillerman
XXVI 1995 Nottingham, U.K. none
XXVII 1996 St. Paul, Minnesota none
XXVIII 1997 Monterey, California Donald Westlake
XXIX 1998 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania none
XXX 1999 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Len Moffatt and June Moffatt
XXXI 2000 Denver, Colorado Jane Langton
XXXII 2001 Washington, D.C. Edward D. Hoch
XXXIII 2002 Austin, Texas none
XXXIV 2003 Las Vegas, Nevada none
XXXV 2004 Toronto, Ontario Bernard Cornwell
XXXVI 2005 Chicago, Illinois Bill Pronzini and Marcia Muller
XXXVII 2006 Madison, Wisconsin Robert B. Parker
XXXVIII 2007 Anchorage, Alaska James Sallis
XXXIX 2008 Baltimore, Maryland Lawrence Block
XL 2009 Indianapolis, Indiana Allen J. Hubin
XLI 2010 San Francisco, California Lee Child
XLII 2011 St. Louis, Missouri Sara Paretsky
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