Border Crossing
Border Crossing may refer to:

The forensic evidence for Danny's guilt was overwhelming, but he was a good liar.

Danny was a bottomless pit. He wanted other people to fill him, only in the process the other people ended up drained.

...the horror of the images impossible to connect with the child he'd just left.

I thought he was one of the most dangerous boys we've ever had through the school.

Mrs. Greene

I don't know why I killed her, I didn't know then and I don't know now. And I don't know how to live with it.

Danny to Tom

But [Tom] was used to switching off, to living his life in separate compartments.

[Tom] denies [Lauren] his attention in memory, as he did in life.

[Tom had] learnt to value detachment: the clinician's splinter of ice in the heart.

When we got married, you didn't even want kids. It was... you and me.


[Tom] was fed up to the back teeth with being a walking, talking sperm bank.