Bondo, Kenya
Bondo is a town in Nyanza Province
Nyanza Province
Nyanza Province of Kenya, is one of Kenya's eight administrative provinces. It is located in the southwest part of Kenya around Lake Victoria. Nyanza includes part of the eastern edge of Lake Victoria and is inhabited predominantly by the Luo. There are also Bantu-speaking tribes such as the...

 of Kenya. It the capital of Bondo District
Bondo District
Bondo District is an administrative district in the Nyanza Province of Kenya. Its capital town is Bondo. The Bondo District has a population of 238,780 . The district is relatively new; it was created in 1998 from southern parts of the Siaya District...

. Bondo is located 50 kilometres west of Kisumu
Kisumu is a port city in western Kenya at , with a population of 355,024 . It is the third largest city in Kenya, the principal city of western Kenya, the immediate former capital of Nyanza Province and the headquarters of Kisumu County. It has a municipal charter but no city charter...

, the provincial capital. Bondo forms a town council with a population of 29,165, of whom 7,797 are classified urban (1999 census ).

Bondo town council has five wards: Ajigo, Bar Kowino East, Bar Kowino West, Bondo Town and Nyawita. All of them are part of Bondo Constituency
Bondo Constituency
Bondo Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of two constituencies in Bondo District.- Members of Parliament :- Wards :...

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