Bomarsund may refer to:
  • Bomarsund, Åland
    Bomarsund, Åland
    The Battle of Bomarsund was fought by an Anglo-French task force against Russian defenses at Bomarsund during the Crimean War.-Background:Bomarsund is a 19th century fortress which had started to built in 1832 by Russia in Sund on the Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea...

    , fortress in the Åland Islands, in the Baltic Sea
  • Bomarsund, Northumberland
    Bomarsund, Northumberland
     Bomarsund is a village in Northumberland, in England. It is situated to the north of Bedlington, and just south of Stakeford.The village grew around a coal pit opened in 1854 and was named after the battle at the fort of Bomarsund in Sund, Åland Islands. It is now home to the Northumberland...

    , village in Northumberland, England
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