Boating magazine
A boating magazine is a publication whose main topic is boating, new boat reviews, boat motors and watersports. They can be aimed at different water sports enthusiasts including but not limited to: cruisers, fishers, skiers, sailors, racers, et cetera.

Boating magazines include:
  • Boating
    Boating (magazine)
    Boating is an American enthusiast magazine, published by the Bonnier Corporation.- Publishers :...

  • Boating Life
  • World Magazine
  • Heartland Boating Magazine.
  • Lakeland Boating
    Lakeland Boating
    Lakeland Boating is a regional magazine that ships eleven times a year and covers the interests of freshwater boaters on the Great Lakes and connecting waterways and inland lakes as far south as Tennessee, as far north as Lake Superior, as far west as Minnesota, and as far east as Quebec.-The Sea...

  • MotorBoating
  • Multihulls Magazine
  • Powerboat
    A powerboat is another name for a motorboat. Powerboat may also refer to:* Powerboating* F1 Powerboat World Championship* Offshore powerboat racing...

  • Sail Magazine
  • Sailing World Magazine
  • Sea History
    Sea History (magazine)
    Sea History is a quarterly magazine published by the National Maritime Historical Society focusing on naval and maritime history. It is edited by Deirdre O'Regan.- External links :*...

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