Bled (film)
Bled is a 2009 horror film directed by Christopher Hutson and written by Sxv'leithan Essex.


Sai, a young artist living in a downtown warehouse delves into an ancient world of blood and lust. An enigmatic foreigner seduces her to try a long forgotten drug making her the prey of a dimensional vampire who needs her new found hunger for blood to cross over from his world to hers.


  • Sarah Farooqui as Sai
  • Chris Ivan Cevic as Royce
  • Alex Petrovitch as Eric
  • Michele Morrow
    Michele Morrow
    Michele Morrow is an American actress, final girl & scream queen.- Career :Morrow earned a B.A Degree in Drama at the University of Washington in Seattle before moving to Los Angeles, California....

     as Kerra
  • Ivan L. Moody
    Ivan L. Moody
    Ivan L. Moody, also known by the pseudonym Ghost, is the singer for American Heavy metal group Five Finger Death Punch from Sacramento, California. He had performed for several bands before settling down with FFDP...

     as Incubus
  • Jonathan Oldham as Renfield
  • Dichen Lachman
    Dichen Lachman
    Dichen Lachman is an Australian actress. She is best known for appearing in the soap opera Neighbours as Katya Kinski and Joss Whedon's science fiction drama television series Dollhouse as Sierra...

     as Aaren
  • Jennifer Lee Wiggins as Lynn
  • Kimberly Rowe as Deanna
  • Monica Huntington as Candace
  • Sarah Coleman as Gallery Patron
  • Daniel Colletti as Robert
  • Warren Draper as Grierson
  • Aric Green as Jono
  • Ben Northenor as Coot Peddeck
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