Biwater Plc is a former British water company. It designed and built Water Treatment Works and Waste Water Treatment Works, mainly in the UK but also around the world. Since 2011 has been bought by MWH Global
MWH Global
MWH Global is a global Wet Infrastructure firm, providing technical engineering, construction services and consulting solutions to protect, enhance, store and distribute water. The firm has provided planning, design and construction management services for a wide range of water resources projects...

 and rebranded as MWH Treatment.

Biwater Plc was split into three arms:
  • Biwater International

Biwater International was responsible all non-European contracting works.
  • Biwater Services Limited

BSL was a holding company, of which its subsidiaries were Farrer Consulting, the international consultancy arm of the Biwater Group, Biwater Treatment Limited, which was responsible for all UK and European contracting works and BiProduct Recovery Limited, which provided waste recovery and recycling services for industrial by-products.

CASCAL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Biwater Plc, owned a number of water companies around the world, most notably Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water in the United Kingdom. CASCAL operated a number of water concessions internationally. Cascal has been acquired by Sembcorp Industries on July 2010.

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