Bingham Medal
The Bingham Medal is an annual award for outstanding contributions to the field of rheology
Rheology is the study of the flow of matter, primarily in the liquid state, but also as 'soft solids' or solids under conditions in which they respond with plastic flow rather than deforming elastically in response to an applied force....

. It was instituted in 1948 by the Society of Rheology, commemorating Eugene C. Bingham
Eugene C. Bingham
Eugene Cook Bingham was a professor and head of the Department of Chemistry at Lafayette College. Bingham made many contributions to rheology, a term he is credited with introducing. He was a pioneer in both its theory and practice...


List of Award Winners

  • 1948 Melvin Mooney
    Melvin Mooney
    Melvin Mooney was an American physicist and rheologist.He developed the Mooney Viscometer and other testing equipment used in the rubber industry. He also proposed the Mooney-Rivlin solid constitutive law describing the hyperelastic stress-strain behavior of rubber...

  • 1949 Henry Eyring
    Henry Eyring
    Henry Eyring was a Mexican-born American theoretical chemist whose primary contribution was in the study of chemical reaction rates and intermediates....

  • 1950 W. F. Fair, Jr.
  • 1951 Percy Williams Bridgman
    Percy Williams Bridgman
    Percy Williams Bridgman was an American physicist who won the 1946 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the physics of high pressures. He also wrote extensively on the scientific method and on other aspects of the philosophy of science.- Biography :Bridgman entered Harvard University in 1900,...

  • 1952 A. Nadai
  • 1953 J. D. Ferry
  • 1954 T. Alfrey
  • 1955 H. Leaderman
  • 1956 A. V. Tobolsky
  • 1957 Clarence Zener
    Clarence Zener
    Clarence Melvin Zener was the American physicist who first described the property concerning the breakdown of electrical insulators. These findings were later exploited by Bell Labs in the development of the Zener diode, which was duly named after him...

  • 1958 Ronald Rivlin
    Ronald Rivlin
    Ronald Samuel Rivlin was a British-American physicist, mathematician, rheologist and a noted expert on rubber.-Life:Rivlin was born in London in 1915. He studied physics and mathematics at St John's College, Cambridge, being awarded a BA in 1937 and a ScD in 1952...

  • 1959 Egon Orowan
    Egon Orowan
    Egon Orowan was a Hungarian/British/U.S. physicist and metallurgist.-Life:Orowan was born in the Óbuda district of Budapest. His father, Berthold, was a mechanical engineer and factory manager, and his mother, Josze Spitzer Ságvári was the daughter of an impoverished land owner...

  • 1960 B. Zimm
  • 1961 W. R. Willets
  • 1962 W. Philippoff
  • 1963 C. A. Truesdell
    Clifford Truesdell
    Clifford Ambrose Truesdell III was an American mathematician, natural philosopher, historian of science, and polemicist.-Life:...

  • 1964 J. M. Burgers
  • 1965 Eugene Guth
    Eugene Guth
    Eugene Guth was an American physicist who made contributions to polymer physics and to nuclear and solid state physics. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics by the University of Vienna in 1928...

  • 1966 P. E. Rouse
  • 1967 H. Markovitz
  • 1968 J. L. Ericksen
  • 1969 S. G. Mason
  • 1970 Anton Peterlin
  • 1971 A. S. Lodge
  • 1972 R. Stein
  • 1973 R. Simha
  • 1974 R. B. Bird
  • 1975 A. N. Gent
  • 1976 L. E. Nielsen
  • 1977 Arthur B. Metzner
    Arthur B. Metzner
    Arthur B. Metzner was a Canadian born United States professor of chemical engineering and noted rheologist.-Life:Metzner was born 13 April 1927 in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan and grew up in Barrhead, Alberta. He gained a B.S...

  • 1978 T. L. Smith
  • 1979 W. W. Graessley
  • 1980 H. Brenner
  • 1981 J. L. White
  • 1982 E. B. Bagley
  • 1983 F. R. Eirich
  • 1984 B. D. Coleman
  • 1985 R. S. Porter
  • 1986 M. M. Denn
  • 1987 C. F. Curtiss
  • 1988 W. R. Schowalter
  • 1989 I. M. Krieger
  • 1990 G. C. Berry
  • 1991 L. J. Zapas
  • 1992 K. F. Wissbrun
  • 1993 D. D. Joseph
    Daniel D. Joseph
    Daniel Donald Joseph was an American mechanical engineer. He was the Regents Professor Emeritus and Russell J. Penrose Professor Emeritus of Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics at the University of Minnesota...

  • 1994 A. Acrivos
    Andreas Acrivos
    Andreas Acrivos is the Albert Einstein Professor of Science and Engineering, Emeritus at the City College of New York. He is also the Director of the Benjamin Levich Institute for Physicochemical Hydrodynamics.-Education and career:...

  • 1995 D. J. Plazek
  • 1996 H. H. Winter
  • 1997 G. G. Fuller
  • 1998 J. M. Dealy
  • 1999 W. B. Russel
  • 2000 L. G. Leal
    L. Gary Leal
    Leslie Gary Leal is the Warren & Katharine Schlinger Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is known for his research work in the dynamics of complex fluids. Leal was born in Bellingham, Washington.-Career:Leal received his B.S. degree from the...

  • 2001 M. Doi
  • 2002 R. G. Larson
  • 2003 G. Marrucci
  • 2004 C. Macosko
  • 2005 J. Mewis
  • 2006 R. C. Armstrong
  • 2007 J. F. Brady
  • 2008 H. C. Öttinger
  • 2009 G. B. McKenna
  • 2010 T. C. B. McLeish
  • 2011 Eric S. G. Shaqfeh
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