Berceni can refer to:
  • Berceni
    Berceni, Bucharest
    Berceni is a district of southern Bucharest.-Location:Geographically, it has a trapezoidal shape, bordered by Oltenitei Road and Turnu Magurele Street in the north and south, respectively. Built during the 1960s, it is a typical Communist-era working class district, lacking any major green spaces...

    , a quarter in Bucharest
    Bucharest is the capital municipality, cultural, industrial, and financial centre of Romania. It is the largest city in Romania, located in the southeast of the country, at , and lies on the banks of the Dâmbovița River....

    , Romania
    Romania is a country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe, on the Lower Danube, within and outside the Carpathian arch, bordering on the Black Sea...

  • Berceni
    Berceni, Ilfov
    Berceni is a commune in the southeastern part of Ilfov county, Romania, composed of a single village, Berceni.Its name is derived from the Hussars of Miklós Bercsényi, who fought the Kurucs wars in early 18th century and eventually settled near Bucharest....

    , a commune in Ilfov County
    Ilfov County
    Ilfov is the county that surrounds Bucharest, the capital of Romania. It used to be largely rural, but after the fall of communism, many of the county's villages and communes developed into high-income commuter towns, which act like suburbs or satellites of Bucharest...

  • Berceni
    Berceni, Prahova
    Berceni is a commune in Prahova County, Romania. It is composed of five villages: Berceni, Cartierul Dâmbu, Cătunu, Corlăteşti and Moara Nouă....

    , a commune in Prahova County
    Prahova County
    Prahova is a county of Romania, in the historical region Muntenia, with the capital city at Ploieşti.-Demographics:In 2002, it had a population of 829,945 and the population density was 176/km². It is Romania's most populated county, having a population density double than the country's mean...

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