For the Maya archaeological site in Guatemala see Bejucal (Mesoamerican site)
Bejucal (Mesoamerican site)
Bejucal is a Maya archaeological site in the Petén Department of Guatemala. It is located northeast of El Zotz and was subservient to that city...

Bejucal is a municipality and city in the Mayabeque Province
Mayabeque Province
Mayabeque Province is one of two new provinces in Cuba, which creation was approved by the Cuban National Assembly by splitting former La Habana province....

 of Cuba
The Republic of Cuba is an island nation in the Caribbean. The nation of Cuba consists of the main island of Cuba, the Isla de la Juventud, and several archipelagos. Havana is the largest city in Cuba and the country's capital. Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city...

. It borders to the north Boyeros
Boyeros is one of the 15 municipalities or boroughs in the city of Havana, Cuba.The municipality was created in 1976, and amalgamated the town of Santiago de Las Vegas. It lies on the south-west side of the city and extends towards the José Martí International Airport.-Demographics:In 2004, the...

; to the east with San José de las Lajas; to the south with Quivicán; and on the west with San Antonio de los Baños
San Antonio de los Baños
San Antonio de los Baños is a municipality and city in the Artemisa Province of Cuba.It is located 26 km from the city of Havana, and the Ariguanabo River runs through it. The city was founded in 1802....

. It was founded in 1874. It is well known as the terminal station of the first railroad built in Cuba and Latin America in 1831. It also hosts one of the most popular and traditional carnival fest in Cuba: "Charangas de Bejucal".


In 2004, the municipality of Bejucal had a population of 25,425. With a total area of 120 km² (46.3 sq mi), it has a population density of 211.9 /km2.

The municipality is divided into the barrio
Barrio is a Spanish word meaning district or neighborhood.-Usage:In its formal usage in English, barrios are generally considered cohesive places, sharing, for example, a church and traditions such as feast days...

s of Bejucal, Beltrán, Cuatro Caminos, Rancho Recreo, Buenaventura, Caguazo and Río Hondo.

Notable residents

Notable current and former residents of Bejucal include:
  • Andy García
    Andy García
    Andrés Arturo García Menéndez , professionally known as Andy García, is a Cuban American actor. He became known in the late 1980s and 1990s, having appeared in several successful Hollywood films, including The Godfather: Part III, The Untouchables, Internal Affairs and When a Man Loves a Woman...

    , actor, was born and lived here until the age of five.
  • Albio Sires
    Albio Sires
    Albio Sires is the U.S. Representative for , serving since a special election in 2006. The district includes most of Jersey City, as well as most of the Latino neighborhoods of Newark. He is a member of the Democratic Party...

    , Member of the United States House of Representatives
    United States House of Representatives
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    from .
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