Battelle may refer to:
  • Battelle Hall
    Battelle Hall
    Battelle Hall is a 6,864 seat multi-purpose exhibit hall located in Columbus, Ohio, part of the Greater Columbus Convention Center. It opened as the Ohio Center on September 10, 1980, and although sometimes considered a white elephant because of its small size and seating capacity Battelle Hall is...

    , multi-purpose arena and exhibit hall located in Columbus, Ohio
  • Battelle Memorial Institute
    Battelle Memorial Institute
    Battelle Memorial Institute is a private nonprofit applied science and technology development company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Battelle is a charitable trust organized as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of Ohio and is exempt from taxation under Section 501 of the...

    , R&D organization that manages seven large U.S. national laboratories headquartered in Columbus, Ohio
  • Gordon Battelle
    Gordon Battelle
    Gordon Battelle was the founder of Battelle Memorial Institute, a non-profit independent research and development organization.-Birth, death and family:...

    , founder of Battelle Memorial Institute
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