It is written by shadaksharadeva of 17 C. The book narrates the life story of Basavanna and ther sharanas
Sharana meaning to surrender denotes egoless surrender and refuge in god,the lord Shiva,the Deity of Lingayatism and Hinduism.In actual sense the word sharana refers to a person who is a follower of saint Basava....


The book is written in champu
Champu or Champu-Kavya is a genre in Sanskrit literature. It consists of a mixture of prose and poetry passages , with verses interspersed among prose sections...

 style and it is the last of the champu tradition started by pampa
The Pampas are the fertile South American lowlands, covering more than , that include the Argentine provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos and Córdoba, most of Uruguay, and the southernmost Brazilian State, Rio Grande do Sul...

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