Bandon is the name of several places
  • Bandon, County Cork
    Bandon, County Cork
    Bandon is a town in County Cork, Ireland. With a population of 5,822 as of census 2006, Bandon lies on the River Bandon between two hills. The name in Irish means "Bridge of the Bandon", a reference to the origin of the town as a crossing-point on the river. In 2004 Bandon celebrated its...

    , Ireland
  • the River Bandon
    River Bandon
    The River Bandon is a river in County Cork in Ireland. It rises at Nowen Hill , to the north of Drimoleague.The river then flows to Dunmanway, before turning eastward towards the twin villages of Ballineen and Enniskean...

     in Ireland
  • Bandon (UK Parliament constituency)
    Bandon (UK Parliament constituency)
    Bandon was a Parliamentary constituency covering the town of Bandon in County Cork, Ireland...

    , former constituency (1801-1885) in Ireland
  • Bandon, the old name of Surat Thani
    Surat Thani
    Surat Thani is a city in Amphoe Mueang Surat Thani, Surat Thani Province, southern Thailand. It is the capital of the province Surat Thani. The city has a population of 128,179 , and an area of 68.97 square kilometers. The city's population density is 1,858.47 inhabitants per km².Suran Thani is...

     in Thailand
    • the Bandon Bay
      Bandon Bay
      Bandon Bay is a bay in the Gulf of Thailand in the Surat Thani Province, extending from the Sui cape in Chaiya district in the northwest to the Kanchanadit district to the east. The total coastline is about 100 km. The bay is dominated by the estuary of the rivers Tapi and Phum Duang...

       near Surat Thani
  • Bandon, Oregon
    Bandon, Oregon
    - Economy :Like many communities on the Oregon coast, Bandon had significant fishing and timber industries, which were greatly diminished by the 1980s, though some remnants still exist. Bandon's current economy revolves around wood products, fishing, tourism, and agriculture...

    , USA

Bandon may also refer to:
  • The Earl of Bandon
    Earl of Bandon
    Earl of Bandon was a title created together with Viscount Bernard in the Peerage of Ireland in 1800 for the 1st Viscount Bandon. All the titles became extinct on the death of the 5th Earl in 1979....

  • Bandon (Byzantine Empire)
    Bandon (Byzantine Empire)
    The bandon was the basic military and territorial administrative unit of the middle Byzantine Empire. Its name derived from Latin bandum, "ensign, banner", which in turn had a Germanic origin. The term was used already in the 6th century as a term for a battle standard, and soon came to be applied...

    , a Byzantine military and administrative unit
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