Baloch Students Organization
The Baloch Students Organization, or BSO was founded in 26 November 1967 as nationalist student organization in Pakistani part of occupied Balochistan. The main objectives of BSO were to organize and educate Baloch youth politically for the liberation of Balochistan.
It this time BSO is divided into three factions, BSO (Pajjar), BSO (Mangal) and BSO (Azad). Among which the radical faction BSO {Azad)lead by Basheer Zaib Baloch opted the line of liberation of Balochistan along with Baloch National Movement BNM and publicly support militant struggle for the freedom of Balochistan . BSO (Pajjar) lead by Ameen Baloch affiliated itself with National Party NP . The third faction BSO (Mangal) lead by Muhiudeen Baloch affiliated itself with Balochistan National Party BNP (Mangal).Both NP and BNP believes in more provincial rights and greater autonomy for Baluchistan province through peaceful and democratic struggle..

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