Balatonites is an extinct cephalopod genus belonging to the ceratitid
The Ceratitida is an order that contains almost all ammonoid cephalopod genera from the Triassic as well as ancestral forms from the Upper Permian, the exception being the phylloceratids which gave rise to the great diversity of post Triassic ammonites....

family Balatonitidae. There are at least four known species: B. balatonicus, B. oyama, B. shoshonensis, and B. zitteli.

The shell of Balatonites is essentially evolute, coiled with earlier whorls showing, and is laterally compressed with flattish sides and a roof-like venter. The sides are covered with radial ribs that have tubercles generally arranged in umbilical, median and ventral rows.

Balatonites has been found in the Alps, Balkans, Germany, Japan, and Nevada.
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