Bakhchisaray raion
Bakhchisaray Raion is one of the 25 regions of Crimea
Crimea , or the Autonomous Republic of Crimea , is a sub-national unit, an autonomous republic, of Ukraine. It is located on the northern coast of the Black Sea, occupying a peninsula of the same name...

. Bakhchisaray raion is situated in the southwestern part of the republic. 2/3 of the raion's area is mountainous, while the western part of the region is occupied by the coastal plain.

Places of interest

  • Uspensky Cave Monastery
    Uspensky Cave Monastery
    The Assumption Monastery of the Caves is located in Crimea, Ukraine, near Bakhchisaray. It is a cave monastery carved out of a cliff.The date of the monastery's foundation is disputed, although local monks assert that it originated as early as the 8th century but was abandoned when Byzantium lost...

  • The "cave city" of Çufut Qale
    Çufut Qale
    Çufut Qale sometimes spelled as Chufut Kale is a historic fortress in Crimea, near Bakhchisaray. Its name is Crimean Tatar and Turkish for "Jewish Fortress" . Çufut Qale was historically a center for the Crimean Karaite community...

  • Bakhchisaray Palace
    Bakhchisaray Palace
    The Khan's Palace or Hansaray is located in the town of Bakhchisaray, Crimea, Ukraine. It was built in the 16th century and became home to a succession of Crimean Khans. The walled enclosure contains a mosque, a harem, a cemetery, living quarters and gardens. The palace interior has been decorated...

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