Autostrada A1
Autostrada A1 may refer to:
  • Autostrada A1 (Italy)
    Autostrada A1 (Italy)
    The Autostrada A1, or Autostrada del Sole , is an Italian motorway which connects Milan with Naples via Bologna, Florence and Rome. At 754 km, it is the longest Italian autostrada and is considered the “spinal cord” of the country’s road network...

  • Autostrada A1 (Poland)
    Autostrada A1 (Poland)
    The autostrada A1 in Poland is a planned and under-construction motorway which will run from north to south through central Poland, from Gdańsk on the Baltic Sea through Łódź and the Upper Silesian Industry Area to the Polish-Czech border in Gorzyczki /Věřňovice , where it will connect with the...

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