Australian gold rushes
The Australian gold rush started in 1851 when prospector Edward Hammond Hargraves claimed the discovery of payable gold
Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and an atomic number of 79. Gold is a dense, soft, shiny, malleable and ductile metal. Pure gold has a bright yellow color and luster traditionally considered attractive, which it maintains without oxidizing in air or water. Chemically, gold is a...

 near Bathurst
Bathurst, New South Wales
-CBD and suburbs:Bathurst's CBD is located on William, George, Howick, Russell, and Durham Streets. The CBD is approximately 25 hectares and surrounds two city blocks. Within this block layout is banking, government services, shopping centres, retail shops, a park* and monuments...

, New South Wales
New South Wales
New South Wales is a state of :Australia, located in the east of the country. It is bordered by Queensland, Victoria and South Australia to the north, south and west respectively. To the east, the state is bordered by the Tasman Sea, which forms part of the Pacific Ocean. New South Wales...

, at a site Edward Hargraves called Ophir
Ophir, New South Wales
Ophir is the name of a locality in New South Wales, Australia in Cabonne Shire.Ophir is located near the Macquarie River northeast of the city of Orange...


Eight months later, gold was found in Victoria
Victoria (Australia)
Victoria is the second most populous state in Australia. Geographically the smallest mainland state, Victoria is bordered by New South Wales, South Australia, and Tasmania on Boundary Islet to the north, west and south respectively....

. Prior to Hargraves' discovery, not much of gold had been discovered in Australia by others including Reverend WB Clarke
William Branwhite Clarke
William Branwhite Clarke, FRS was an English geologist and clergyman, active in Australia.-Early life and England:...

 in 1841
1999 in Australia
-Incumbents:*Monarch – Elizabeth II*Governor-General – Sir William Deane.*Prime Minister – John Howard-Premiers and Chief Ministers:*Premier of New South Wales – Bob Carr*Premier of Queensland – Peter Beattie*Premier of South Australia – John Olsen...

 with further finds in 1844
1844 in Australia
See also:1843 in Australia,other events of 1844,1845 in Australia and theTimeline of Australian history.- Governors:Governors of the Australian colonies:*Governor of New South Wales - Sir George Gipps*Governor of South Australia - Sir George Grey...

. When Clarke reported his discovery to the New South Wales Governor George Gipps
George Gipps
Sir George Gipps was Governor of the colony of New South Wales, Australia, for eight years, between 1838 and 1846. His governorship was during a period of great change for New South Wales and Australia, as well as for New Zealand, which was administered as part of New South Wales for much of this...

, Gipps asked Clarke to: "Put them away, Mr Clarke, or we will have our throats cut!".