Australian Defence Force Cadets
The Australian Defence Force Cadets (ADFC) are a community-based, youth development organisation of approximately 22,000 cadets and 2,200 cadet staff in 464 units and squadrons across Australia. Coordination of the Australian Defence Force Cadets is via the Cadet Policy Branch (part of the Department of Defence
Department of Defence (Australia)
The Australian Department of Defence is a Federal Government Department. It forms part of the Australian Defence Organisation along with the Australian Defence Force . The Defence mission is to defend Australia and its national interests...

). The ADFC is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Defence, in partnership with the community.

The Australian Defence Force Cadets have been a large part of the Australian community since the 19th century. After the cadets were re-raised in 1976 the three cadet services were grouped together as the Australian Services Cadet Scheme. In 2001 this was changed to the Australian Defence Force Cadets.

Cadet units are referred to differently depending on the parent service. Airforce Cadet Units are referred to as Squadrons, Navy Cadet Units are referred to as Training Ships and Army cadet Units are referred to as Army Cadet Units. The ADFC comprise three organisations:
  • Australian Navy Cadets
    Australian Navy Cadets
    The Australian Navy Cadets is a voluntary youth organisation sponsored by the Royal Australian Navy. Together with the Australian Air Force Cadets and Australian Army Cadets, it forms the Australian Defence Force Cadets. It hosts over 91 units.-History:...

  • Australian Army Cadets
    Australian Army Cadets
    The Australian Army Cadets is a youth organisation that is involved with progressive training of youths in military and adventurous activities. The programme has more than 19,000 Army Cadets between the ages of 12½ and 19 based in 236 units around Australia...

  • Australian Air Force Cadets
    Australian Air Force Cadets
    The Australian Air Force Cadets , known as the Air Training Corps until 2001, is a Federal Government funded youth organisation. The parent force of the AAFC is the Royal Australian Air Force...


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