Atomization or Atomizer may refer to:
  • The conversion of a vaporized sample into atomic components in atomic spectroscopy
    Atomic spectroscopy
    Atomic spectroscopy is the determination of elemental composition by its electromagnetic or mass spectrum. Atomic spectroscopy is closely related to other forms of spectroscopy. It can be divided by atomization source or by the type of spectroscopy used. In the latter case, the main division is...

  • An apparatus using an atomizer nozzle
    Atomizer nozzle
    An atomizer nozzle is an aspirator nozzle for producing a fine spray of a liquid based on the Venturi effect.-Principle of operation :When a gas is injected under pressure through a tube with a decreasing section, it speeds up, generating a pressure drop at the narrowest point .The reduced...

  • Atomizer Geyser
    Atomizer Geyser
    Atomizer Geyser is a cone geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park in the United States. Atomizer Geyser is part of the Old Road Group which includes Artemisia Geyser, a short distance down the Firehole River from Old Faithful and other major Upper Basin geysers...

    , a cone geyser in Yellowstone National Park
  • Atomizer (album)
    Atomizer (album)
    Atomizer is a 1986 album by the American noise rock group Big Black. It is their debut album as all previous releases are EPs. The LP is accompanied by liner notes that explain the stories behind many of the songs...

    , a 1986 album by Big Black
  • Atomizer (band)
    Atomizer (band)
    Atomizer is a synthpop duo featuring Nag Nag Nag founder and veteran musician and DJ Jonny Slut with fellow Nag Nag Nag DJ Fil OK. Their debut single was co-produced by the KLF's Jimmy Cauty.-Singles:...

    , a British synthpop duo
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