Aricia can refer to:
  • Aricia, a genus of gossamer-winged butterflies usually included in Aricia (genus)
    Aricia (genus)
    Aricia is a genus of butterfly in the Lycaenidae family.-Species:Listed alphabetically within groups.* anteros group:**Aricia anteros – Blue Argus**Aricia bassoni Larsen, 1974...

  • Aricia (Celtic), historical figure in ancient Britain
  • Aricia (mythology)
    Aricia (mythology)
    Aricia was, according to Greek mythology, a niece of Aegeus. She was the last of the Pallantides and may have married Virbius . Aricia was also a location holy to Diana near Rome where Egeria, the spirit of a nearby stream who shared with Diana the guardianship of childbirth...

    , minor figure in Greek mythology
  • Aricia, Italy
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