Archbishop of Chisinau
The archbishop of Chișinău was the head of the Orthodox Church in Bessarabia
Bessarabia is a historical term for the geographic region in Eastern Europe bounded by the Dniester River on the east and the Prut River on the west....

 after its annexation by the Russian Empire.
  • Gavril Bănulescu-Bodoni
    Gavril Banulescu-Bodoni
    Gavril Bănulescu-Bodoni was a Romanian clergyman who served as Metropolitan of Moldavia , Metropolitan of Kherson and Crimea , Metropolitan of Kiev and Halych , Exarch of Moldo-Wallachia , and Metropolitan of Chişinău , being the first head of the church in Bessarabia after the Russian...

  • Dimitrie Sulima (1821-1844)
  • Irinarkh Popov (1844-1858)
  • Antonie Shokotov (1858-1871)
  • Pavel Lebedev (1871-1882)
  • Serghie Lapidevski (1882-1891)
  • Isachie Polozenski (1891-1892)
  • Neofit Novodchokov (1892-1898)
  • Iacov Piatnitki (1898-1904)
  • Vladimir Sincovski (1904-1908)
  • Serafim Chichagov (1908-1914)
  • Platon (1914-1915)
  • Atanasie (1915-1918)
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