Arbeidermagasinet was a Norwegian
Norwegian language
Norwegian is a North Germanic language spoken primarily in Norway, where it is the official language. Together with Swedish and Danish, Norwegian forms a continuum of more or less mutually intelligible local and regional variants .These Scandinavian languages together with the Faroese language...

 weekly magazine established in 1927. It changed its name to Magasinet For Alle in 1953, and ceased publication in 1970. The magazine is especially noted for its literary quality and its promotion of the short story.


Arbeidermagasinet's first editor from 1927 to 1931 was Otto Luihn
Otto Luihn
Otto Luihn was a Norwegian newspaper editor, magazine editor and poet.He was born as Otto Killingland in Drammen as a son of attorney Samuel Killingland and Johanne Louise Luihn , and a grandson of Hans Jacob Luihn...

. Aksel Zachariassen
Aksel Zachariassen
Aksel "Azach" Zachariassen was a Norwegian politician, newspaper editor, secretary and writer.He was born in Porsgrunn as a son of ship captain Aksel Zachariassen from Luleå and Karen Nilsen from Ulefoss. He began his journalistic career in Bratsberg-Demokraten...

 edited the magazine in 1931. In 1932 Nils Johan Rud
Nils Johan Rud
Nils Johan Rud was a Norwegian novelist, writer of short stories, children's writer, and a magazine editor. He is particularly known for his long-term period as editor of the magazine Arbeidermagasinet / Magasinet For Alle.-Personal life:Nils Johan Rud was born in Ringsaker as the son of Mons...

 took over as editor for the magazine. In 1953 the name of the magazine was changed to Magasinet For Alle, and Rud edit the magazine until it ended its publication in 1970. In 1931 the magazine had a circulation of around 40,000. A portion of the profit was donated to a cultural foundation, which in turn contributed to the funding of the encyclopaedia Arbeidernes Leksikon
Arbeidernes Leksikon
Arbeidernes Leksikon is a Norwegian encyclopedia published in six volumes in the 1930s.It was the first reference book in Norwegian to have a pronounced class bias, and the first encyclopedia outside of the Soviet Union to be directed specifically at the working class...

. In 1935 the circulation was 100,000, decreased somewhat during World War II
World War II
World War II, or the Second World War , was a global conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, involving most of the world's nations—including all of the great powers—eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis...

, and reached 140,000 shortly after the war. The number of sold copies gradually decreased, and was about 20,000 when the publication ended in 1972.

Contributors and content

Arbeidermagasinet absorbed the weekly magazine For Alle and the comic magazine Hvepsen
Hvepsen was a Norwegian humorous and satirical magazine.It was founded in 1905 by people involved in the labour movement in Kristiania, including Joh. Johansen. Ole O. Lian, Marius Ormestad, Lyder Strøm and Hans Østerholt. Østerholt was the editor-in-chief from 1905 to 1925.Illustrators for...

. The magazine was introduced as a non-political entertainment magazine for working people, but had a clear socialist profile up to World War II. The editorial group was affiliated to the Communist Party, but was met with little enthusiasm from the party, and lack of support led to the first editor Luihn's withdrawal. The magazine's socialist tendency gradually faded away, with more focus on literary quality.

The stories about the railway construction workers were popular. The love stories showed a conventional pattern of sex roles, but were relatively unprejudiced for the time. Feminists such as Åsta Holth
Åsta Holth
Åsta Holth was a Norwegian novelist, poet and short story writer. She made her literary debut in 1944 with the short story collection Gamle bygdevegen. In 1946, she published the poetry collection Porkkalafela. She was awarded the Dobloug Prize in 1977.-References:...

 and Solveig Haugan
Solveig Haugan
Solveig Haugan was a Norwegian stage and movie actress.Solveig Haugan was born in Trondheim, Norway. She appeared most notably on the stage in the Trøndelag Teater production of På Kobberstad and the Det Norske Teatret production of Ungen from the 1911 book written by Oskar Braaten.Today,...

 wrote about women's roles.

Regular contributors were writers such as Aksel Sandemose
Aksel Sandemose
Aksel Sandemose was a novelist, born in Nykøbing, Mors Island, Denmark to a Danish father and a Norwegian mother....

, Sigurd Hoel
Sigurd Hoel
Sigurd Hoel was a Norwegian author and publishing consultant, born in Nord-Odal. He debuted with the collection of short stories Veien vi gaar in 1922...

, Arnulf Øverland
Arnulf Øverland
Ole Peter Arnulf Øverland was a Norwegian author born in Kristiansund and raised in Bergen. His works include Berget det blå and Hustavler .-Life:...

 and Helge Krog
Helge Krog
Helge Krog was a Norwegian journalist, essayist, theatre and literary critic, translator and playwright.-Personal life:...

. Many later well-known writers, including Arthur Omre
Arthur Omre
Arthur Omre was a Norwegian novelist and writer of short stories.Omre hailed from Vestfold. With a background as sailor, journalist, constructor in the United States, engineer in Oslo, businessman and entrepreneur, he went bankrupt in 1922...

, Kåre Holt
Kåre Holt
Kåre Holt was a Norwegian author.His initial work was published in 1939, a children’s book named Tore Kramkar. As his career progressed, Holt wrote many children’s books, plays, radio plays, biographies, and historical novels. The trilogy Kongen about King Sverre Sigurdsson is considered his...

, Kjell Askildsen
Kjell Askildsen
Kjell Askildsen is a Norwegian writer. He is probably best known for his minimalistic short stories.-Personal life:He was born in Mandal as a son of bailiff and politician Arne Askildsen and Aasta Håverstad...

, Alf Prøysen
Alf Prøysen
Alf Prøysen , was a writer and musician from Norway. He was born at Rudshøgda in Ringsaker. Prøysen was one of the most important Norwegian cultural personalities in the second half of the twentieth century, and he made significant contributions to literature, music, TV and radio.His childhood was...

, Tor Jonsson
Tor Jonsson
Tor Jonsson was a Norwegian author and journalist. Tor Jonsson is known for simple, strongly worded lyric poetry, but his poems stir up conflicts and a sense of loneliness...

 and Bjørg Vik
Bjørg Vik
Bjørg Vik is a Norwegian writer, playwright and journalist. She made her literary debut in 1963 with Søndag ettermiddag...

, had their first published works in the magazine. Its editor for nearly forty years, Nils Johan Rud, received the Arts Council Norway Honorary Award
Norsk kulturråds ærespris
The Arts Council Norway Honorary Award is awarded annually by the Arts Council Norway. The prize is awarded annually to a person who has made a significant contribution to Norwegian art and culture. The prize committee does not solicit nominations and the decision on award is made in closed meeting...

, and was decorated Knight of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav.
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