Anglo-Saxon may refer to:
  • Anglo-Saxons
    Anglo-Saxon is a term used by historians to designate the Germanic tribes who invaded and settled the south and east of Great Britain beginning in the early 5th century AD, and the period from their creation of the English nation to the Norman conquest. The Anglo-Saxon Era denotes the period of...

    , a group that invaded Britain
    • Old English, their language
    • Anglo-Saxon England, their history, one of various ships
  • White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
    White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
    White Anglo-Saxon Protestant or WASP is an informal term, often derogatory or disparaging, for a closed group of high-status Americans mostly of British Protestant ancestry. The group supposedly wields disproportionate financial and social power. When it appears in writing, it is usually used to...

    , an ethnicity
  • Anglo-Saxon economy
    Anglo-Saxon economy
    An Anglo-Saxon economy or Anglo-Saxon capitalism is a capitalist macroeconomic model in which levels of regulation and taxes are low, and government provides relatively fewer services.-Origins of the...

    , modern macroeconomic term
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