Angels Losing Sleep
"Angels/Losing/Sleep" is a 2005 single by Canadian rock band
Rock Band
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 Our Lady Peace
Our Lady Peace
Our Lady Peace is a Canadian alternative rock band that formed in Toronto, Ontario in 1992. Headed by lead vocalist Raine Maida since its formation, the band additionally consists of Jeremy Taggart on percussion, Duncan Coutts on bass, and Steve Mazur as lead guitarist...

 from the album Healthy in Paranoid Times
Healthy in Paranoid Times
Healthy in Paranoid Times is the sixth studio album by Canadian alternative rock band Our Lady Peace, released on August 30, 2005 by Columbia Records. The disc was released on a standard CD as well as a DualDisc, with the reverse side containing a documentary on the making of the album...

. It was the most successful single off the album and fared well on both the American and Canadian charts.

Recording session

Our Lady Peace reported that they almost dissolved as a band during the making of the Healthy in Paranoid Times album, and that "Angels/Losing/Sleep" was one of the more difficult songs to write and work on with the other members. The band had to push to have the song put on the album as Bob Rock didn't want it included.

Song meaning

Our Lady Peace has been known to incorporate religious themes into their music and this shows in "Angels/Losing/Sleep", with lyrics such as "looks like the Holy Ghost is gone", and of course the title, "even the Angels are losing sleep". The song is described as being centered around a person who is forced to watch a friend lose faith in their religion, and the central character being there for that person, only able to wait and offer comfort and support.
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