Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, or simply Anchorman, is a 2004 American comedy film
Comedy film
Comedy film is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour. They are designed to elicit laughter from the audience. Comedies are mostly light-hearted dramas and are made to amuse and entertain the audiences...

, directed by Adam McKay
Adam McKay
Adam McKay is an American screenwriter, director, comedian, and actor. He is most famous for his partnership with comedian Will Ferrell, with whom he co-wrote the films Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and The Other Guys....

 and starring Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell
John William "Will" Ferrell is an American comedian, impressionist, actor, and writer. Ferrell first established himself in the late 1990s as a cast member on the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, and has subsequently starred in the comedy films Old School, Elf, Anchorman, Talladega...

. The film, which was also written by Ferrell and McKay, is a tongue-in-cheek
Tongue-in-cheek is a phrase used as a figure of speech to imply that a statement or other production is humorously intended and it should not be taken at face value. The facial expression typically indicates that one is joking or making a mental effort. In the past, it may also have indicated...

 take on the culture of the 1970s, particularly the then-new Action News
Action News
Action News is a local television newscast format in the United States. It was conceived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at WFIL-TV by then-news director Mel Kampmann in 1970 as a response to the "Eyewitness News" format used on rival station KYW-TV...

 format. It portrays a San Diego
San Diego, California
San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States and second-largest city in California. The city is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, immediately adjacent to the Mexican border. The birthplace of California, San Diego is known for its mild year-round...

 TV station where Ferrell's title character clashes with his new female counterpart (Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate is an American actress. She is best known for playing Kelly Bundy on the Fox sitcom Married... with Children. Since then, she has established a film and television career, winning a Primetime Emmy and earning Tony and Golden Globe nominations...

). This film is number 100 on Bravo's 100 funniest movies, and 113 on Empire's 500 Greatest Movies of All Time.

The film made $28.4 million in its opening weekend, and $89.3 million worldwide in its total theatrical run.

[when asked "what do you love?"] I love poetry. And a good glass of scotch. And of course, my friend Baxter here.

What is this? Amateur hour?!

[while warming up before the news] Unique New York. Unique New York.

[while warming up before the news] The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.

[while warming up before the news] The arsonist has oddly shaped feet.

[while warming up before the news] The skeleton took a shower. The skeleton ran out of shampoo in the shower.

[while warming up before the news] How now, brown cow? How now, brown cow?

[while examining his make-up job] AUDREY! Get in here, I look like hell! I've got bags under my eyes! [To Audrey off camera] What's that? Well, if you were a man, I'd punch you. I'd punch you right in the mouth. This is busch. Busch league! AUDREY! LOOK AT ME! I'm sorry. All right? I'm sorry.

[while warming up before the news] Thirty seconds? We're on in 30 seconds? We're on air now? I don't believe you. [Lights a cigarette]

Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I've just been handed a urgent and horrifying news story, and I need all of you, to stop what you're doing and listen. Cannonball!