Ananorites is an extinct cephalopod belonging to the ceratitd
The Ceratitida is an order that contains almost all ammonoid cephalopod genera from the Triassic as well as ancestral forms from the Upper Permian, the exception being the phylloceratids which gave rise to the great diversity of post Triassic ammonites....

 family Noritidae
The Noritidae, sometimes spelled Noritidea, is an extinct cephalopod family of belonging to the ammonoid order Ceratitida and superfamily Noritaceae....

 found in the Middle Triassic of the Himalaya. The shell is thinly discoidal, evolute, and smooth; cross section highly compressed; venter narrowly rounded except at the late stage where sharp shoulders are developed.

As with others of its kind, Ananorites was probably a nekton
Nekton refers to the aggregate of actively swimming aquatic organisms in a body of water able to move independently of water currents....

ic (swimming) stalking marine predator that spent its time hunting above the sea floor.


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