Aleph Institute
Aleph Institute is a Jewish humanitarian organization for both prisoners and military personnel. Aleph Institute also has sister branch, the European Aleph Institute
European Aleph Institute
The European Aleph Institute is a group, founded in 2005 and based in Brussels, dedicated to ensuring the rights of an estimated 3,500 to 5,000 Jews imprisoned in Europe to practice their religion. They arrange for prisoners to be provided with kosher meals, religious texts and ceremonial objects,...



Aleph provides critical social services to families in crisis; addresses the pressing religious, educational, humanitarian and advocacy needs of individuals in the military and institutional environments; and implements solutions to significant issues relating to US criminal justice system, with an emphasis on families, faith-based rehabilitation and preventive ethics education.

Military Programs

Aleph assists with the spiritual needs of Jews serving in the U.S. Armed Forces by providing Jewish books as well as moral and spiritual support. Aleph also distributes special holiday packages to soldiers for Jewish holidays to Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine bases.

Prison Programs

Aleph's prison programs focus on Jewish inmates during their prison stay as well as helping them reintegrate into society once released. Aleph helps them observe the Jewish holidays and assist them with their daily Jewish practices, books, food items and materials holidays and daily Jewish practices. Aleph also has a Summer visitation program which sends Rabbinical students around the US visiting over 3,000 Jewish inmates.

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