Aleksandar Karakasevic
Aleksandar Karakašević (born December 9, 1975, Zemun
Zemun is a historical town and one of the 17 municipalities which constitute the City of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia...

, SR Serbia, Yugoslavia
Yugoslavia refers to three political entities that existed successively on the western part of the Balkans during most of the 20th century....

) is a Serbia
Serbia , officially the Republic of Serbia , is a landlocked country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, covering the southern part of the Carpathian basin and the central part of the Balkans...

n table tennis
Table tennis
Table tennis, also known as ping-pong, is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight, hollow ball back and forth using table tennis rackets. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net...

 player and has been claimed by many to be one of the most talented players in the world. His incredible feeling and powerful backhand has helped him win against some of the top players in the world. He won a bronze medal on 2011 European Championship
Table Tennis European Championships
The European Table Tennis Championships were first held in 1958. Between 1958 and 2002, the European Championships were held every two years in the even years. From 2003 they were held in odd years. Since 2008 the tournament has been held annually...

. One of his greatest result achieved in USA is his victory at the US Open Championship, July 2007, where he established himself as a world class athlete winning the tournament title for the 3rd time by defeating Kurashima Yosuke from Japan with the result of 4:0.

Career Highlights and Accomplishments

  • Bronze medal on European Championship - Singles
  • European Champion - Mixed Doubles (four times)
  • US Open Champion - Singles (three times)
  • US Open Champion - Doubles
  • Second place in Europe - Mixed Doubles
  • Third place on Pro-Tour final - Men’s Doubles- (twice)
  • German Open Champion - Men’s Doubles
  • Brazilian Open Champion – Doubles
  • Brazilian Open Champion - Teams
  • Mediterranean games Champion - Men’s Doubles
  • Second place on Mediterranean games - Doubles (twice)
  • Second place – Netherlands Open - Men’s Doubles
  • Third place – Qatar Open – Men’s Doubles (twice)
  • Balkan Champion (six times)
  • Second finisher on European Trials for the Olympic games
  • Third place in Junior Europeans (four times)
  • Yugoslavian Champion - Singles (three times)
  • Yugoslavian Champion - Men’s Doubles (five times)
  • Yugoslavian Champion - Mixed Doubles (five times)
  • Yugoslavian Champion - Teams (four times)
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