Aimeliik is an administrative division of the island country of Palau
Palau , officially the Republic of Palau , is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, east of the Philippines and south of Tokyo. In 1978, after three decades as being part of the United Nations trusteeship, Palau chose independence instead of becoming part of the Federated States of Micronesia, a...

. It is one of the Republic of Palau's 16 states. It has an area of 52 km² and a population of 270 (census 2005). State capital is the village of Mongami.

The island is the location to Palau's largest powerplant. The state is also a short distance from the international airport. In the village of Medorm there is the highest powered short wave radio station in Palau. This is owned and operated by High Adventure Ministries originally from the USA but now owned by a consortium of Chinese national churches. It comprises four short wave transmitters two are Thomson which originally came from Adventist Radio in Guam the others are a venerable Harris transmitter and a 30 year old RCA transmitter all feeding several stacked curtain arrays which are beamed on South East Asia. They operate mainly on the 9 and 15 MHz Bands.


Aimeliik is situated on the southwest corner of Babeldaob Island. Encompassing some 37 square kilometers of land and mangrove areas. Aimeliik includes low rolling hills, surrounding the area around Ngchemiangel Bay, and very steep and rugged terrain along the west coast north of Medorm Village. The inhabited villages in Aimeliik include (along the coast, from south to north): Imul, Ngerkeai, Chelechui, Ngchemiangel, Medorm. To the north, the Tabcheding River is recognized as the boundary with Ngatpang. On the east side, Aimeliik extends to the Rael Kedam
Rael Kedam
Rael Kedam is the great central dividing ridge on the island of Babeldaob, in Palau. Most states on the island are bordered with this steep and high range....

, the central ridge on Babeldaob Island. On the Southeast, the boundary with Airai
Airai, located on the southern coast of Babeldaob island, is the second-most populous state of Palau. It contains the country's chief airport, Airai International Airport, and is connected by the Koror-Babeldaob Bridge to nearby Koror Island....

along a ridge to within a kilometer or so, south of the Ngerderar River.

Aimeliik is also known for its terraces, which were most likely built for agriculture and defense reasons. The state also contains one of the four Palauan bais, or men's meetinghouses, the other three are in Koror, Airai, and Melekeok.


Aimeliik is one of the most ancient villages in Palau, and is best known for its terraces and its modern bai. Aimellik is also known for Masol's Tomb, the legendary spot where the warrior Masol is buried. The tomb is now accessible through the main roads of the state, and is situated near the Aimeliik bai.
Aimeliik became one of Palau's states, and it is commonly passed through on the Main Road on the island of Babeldoab.

Commercial/Agricultural Developments

Large areas of commerce and farming come from the site known as Nekken. There is also the Beginning of what may be regarded as Aimeliik State's first cattle ranches.


Most of the roads in the state are connected with dirt roads, excluding the recently completed paved, compact road which runs through the state.
The major Airai-Aimeliik route is along the Compact Road (the Airai-Aimeliik route, which travels by the coast, was an old Japanese era route). This can bring you from the airport to the State of Aimeliik.

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