Ahsa may mean:
  • Al-Ahsa (disambiguation), the Saudi Arabian oasis region (also spelled al-Hasa and Hassa)
  • the American Horse Shows Association
  • the American Hunters and Shooters Association
    American Hunters and Shooters Association
    The American Hunters and Shooters Association , founded in 2005, was a small United States-based group, which has set itself apart from the much larger gun owner organization, the National Rifle Association, founded in 1871, by advocating further restrictions on 2nd Amendment rights...

  • , the Gothic letter a, see Gothic alphabet, Ansuz rune
    Ansuz rune
    The a-rune , Younger Futhark was probably called *ansuz in Proto-Germanic, to which the Norse name Æsir is attributed.The shape of the rune is likely from Neo-Etruscan a , like Latin A ultimately from Phoenician aleph....

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