Adjustment means regulating, adapting or settling in a variety of contexts:
  • Adjustment (law)
    Adjustment (law)
    In law, the term adjustment may appear in varied contexts, as a synonym for terms with unrelated definitions:-General Definition:Adjust: # To settle or to bring to a satisfactory state, so that the parties are agreed in the result; as, to adjust accounts....

     has several meanings; many relate to insurance, contracts, or the resolution of disputes

  • In engineering, mathematics, and geodesy, the optimal parameter estimation of a mathematical model so as to best fit a data set. The most important method is the least squares
    Least squares
    The method of least squares is a standard approach to the approximate solution of overdetermined systems, i.e., sets of equations in which there are more equations than unknowns. "Least squares" means that the overall solution minimizes the sum of the squares of the errors made in solving every...

     adjustment, found by Carl Friedrich Gauss.

  • In metrology, the set of operations carried out on an instrument in order that it provides given indications corresponding to given values of the measurand .

  • In psychology, the behavioural process of balancing conflicting needs, or needs against obstacles in the environment. Humans and animals regularly do this, for example, when they are stimulated by their physiological state to seek food, they eat (if possible) to reduce their hunger and thus adjust to the hunger stimulus. Adjustment disorder
    Adjustment disorder
    Adjustment disorder is a psychological response to an identifiable stressor or group of stressors that cause significant emotional or behavioral symptoms that do not meet criteria for anxiety disorder, PTSD, or acute stress disorder...

     occurs when there is an inability to make a normal adjustment to some need or stress in the environment.

  • In statistics, it is the compensation for confounding variables
    In statistics, a confounding variable is an extraneous variable in a statistical model that correlates with both the dependent variable and the independent variable...

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