Abdoun Circle
Abdoun Circle is a traffic circle in the `Abdoun neighborhood of Amman
Amman is the capital of Jordan. It is the country's political, cultural and commercial centre and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The Greater Amman area has a population of 2,842,629 as of 2010. The population of Amman is expected to jump from 2.8 million to almost...

, Jordan
Jordan , officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , Al-Mamlaka al-Urduniyya al-Hashemiyya) is a kingdom on the East Bank of the River Jordan. The country borders Saudi Arabia to the east and south-east, Iraq to the north-east, Syria to the north and the West Bank and Israel to the west, sharing...

. The circle is across Wadi Abdoun
Wadi Abdoun
Wadi Abdoun is a 'wadi' in Amman, Jordan. The wadi separates the two neighbourhoods of Jabal Amman and Abdoun. The Abdoun Bridge spans the valley, connecting the 4th Circle and Abdoun Circle on either side. Wadi Abdoun is 40 meters deep with a small artery road running under the bridge along the...

 from the 4th Circle, which it is linked to by the Abdoun Bridge
Abdoun Bridge
Wadi Abdoun Bridge is a bridge in Amman, Jordan. The only cable-stayed bridge in the country, it crosses the Wadi Abdoun. The building of the bridge commenced on 14 December 2002 and it was opened on 14 December 2006...

. A tunnel under the roundabout was created with the addition of the bridge. The circle is considered a main shopping district of Amman as well as a place with a diverse selection of restaurants. Most of the surrounding cafes have Wifi
WIFI is a radio station broadcasting a brokered format. Licensed to Florence, New Jersey, USA, the station is currently operated by Florence Broadcasting Partners, LLC.This station was previously owned by Real Life Broadcasting...

internet access.
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