Abd al-Malik al-Muzaffar
Abd al-Malik al-Muzaffar was hajib
The term "hajib" is not to be confused with the word "hijab", which is a headscarf for Muslim women.A hajib was a government official in Al-Andalus and Egypt. They began as treasurers or Chamberlains but by 756, the position had evolved to be equivalent to a vizier or higher....

 of Cordoba from the death of his father Al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir
Al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir
Abu Aamir Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abi Aamir, Al-Hajib Al-Mansur , better known as Almanzor, was the de facto ruler of Muslim Al-Andalus in the late 10th to early 11th centuries. His rule marked the peak of power for Moorish Iberia.-Origins:He was born Muhammad Ibn Abi Aamir, into a noble Arab...

 (known to later Spanish historians as Almanzor) in 1002 until his own death in 1008. He was succeeded by his half-brother Abd al-Rahman Sanchuelo
Abd al-Rahman Sanchuelo
Abd al-Rahman Sanchuelo , born and died in Córdoba, was the son of Almanzor and chief minister of Hisham II, Caliph of Córdoba....

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