AWGIE Awards
The AWGIE Awards is an annual awards ceremony conducted by the Australian Writers' Guild
Australian Writers' Guild
The Australian Writers' Guild is the professional association for all performance writers, that is, writers for film, television, radio, theatre, video and new media. The AWG was established in 1962 and is recognised throughout the industry in Australia as being the voice of performance writers...

, for excellence in screen, television, stage and radio writing. The awards began in 1967.

The awards are judged by over 50 writers, most of whom are previous award winners themselves. They receive no payment for their role as judges. The judges sign a confidentiality agreement, stating that they will not disclose to anyone that they are members of the judging panel.

Notable winners

  • Richard Lane
    Richard Lane (writer)
    Richard Lane was an Australian writer known particularly for his skillful adaptation of plays and films for radio. He is often called the father of Australian radio drama. His career spanned over 60 years, and he is recognised not only for his writing achievements but for his contribution to the...

     - won four AWGIES
  • Cliff Green
    Cliff Green
    Cliff Green is an Australian screen writer, whose best known work is Picnic at Hanging Rock .He was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in the Queen's Birthday Honours List in June 2009...

     - Medal of the Order of Australia (June 2009)
  • Geoffrey Atherden
    Geoffrey Atherden
    Geoffrey John Atherden, AM, is an Australian television writer, best known for the sitcom Mother and Son. He also wrote the sitcom Grass Roots and the mockumentary BabaKiueria, and contributed to The Aunty Jack Show....

    - Member of the Order Of Australia (Jan 2009)

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