AIG is American International Group
American International Group
American International Group, Inc. or AIG is an American multinational insurance corporation. Its corporate headquarters is located in the American International Building in New York City. The British headquarters office is on Fenchurch Street in London, continental Europe operations are based in...

, a major American insurance corporation.

AIG may also refer to:
  • And-inverter graph
    And-inverter graph
    An and-inverter graph is a directed, acyclic graph that represents a structural implementation of the logical functionality of a circuit or network. An AIG consists of two-input nodes representing logical conjunction, terminal nodes labeled with variable names, and edges optionally containing...

    , a concept in computer theory
  • Answers in Genesis
    Answers in Genesis
    Answers in Genesis is a non-profit Christian apologetics ministry with a particular focus on supporting Young Earth creationism and a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis. The organization has offices in the United Kingdom and the United States...

    , a creationist organization in the U.S.
  • Arta Industrial Group
    Arta Industrial Group
    The Arta Industrial Group is a multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Tehran, Iran. In terms of market capitalization and revenues, Arta Group is one of the largest private corporate group in Iran....

     in Iran
  • Aigburth railway station
    Aigburth railway station
    Aigburth railway station serves the Aigburth district of Liverpool, England. It is situated on the Southport–Hunts Cross route of the Northern Line of the Merseyrail suburban system.-History:...

     (National Rail code) in Liverpool, England
  • A.I.G. or Allah Is God, a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate
  • Asian Indoor Games
    Asian Indoor Games
    The Asian Indoor Games is a multi-sport event held every two years among athletes representing countries from Asia. The games are regulated by the Olympic Council of Asia. The first games were held in 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand....

See also

  • AIG American General, a subsidiary of AIG
  • AIG Korea Insurance
    AIG Korea Insurance
    AIG Korea Insurance, headquartered in Seoul, Korea since 1996, was a foreign Korean insurance company. It is a holding company of the American International Group Korea official companies...

    , a subsidiary of AIG
  • Age (disambiguation)
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