3rd Army (Russian Empire)
The Russian Third Army was a World War I
World War I
World War I , which was predominantly called the World War or the Great War from its occurrence until 1939, and the First World War or World War I thereafter, was a major war centred in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918...

 Russian field army that fought on the Eastern theatre of war
Eastern Front (World War I)
The Eastern Front was a theatre of war during World War I in Central and, primarily, Eastern Europe. The term is in contrast to the Western Front. Despite the geographical separation, the events in the two theatres strongly influenced each other...


Field management was established in July 1914 at the headquarters of the Kiev Military District
Kiev Military District
The Kiev Military District was a Russian unit of military-administrative division of the Imperial Russian Army and subsequently of the Ukrainian Army, RKKA, and Soviet Armed Forces...

. The unit was disbanded in the beginning of 1918. At the beginning of the war the 3rd Army was composed of the IX, X, XI, XXI Army Corps.

Military Fronts in which the 3rd Army participated

  • Southwestern Front
    Southwestern Front (Russian Empire)
    The Southwestern Front was a major unit of the Imperial Russian Army during the First World War. It was established on 19 August 1914.- Commanders of the Southwestern Front :* 19.07.1914-17.03.1916 — General of Infantry Nikolai Ivanov...

     (July 1914 - June 1915)
  • Northwestern Front
    Northwestern Front (Russian Empire)
    The Northwestern Front was a military formation of the Imperial Russian Army during the First World War.It was established in August 1914. In August 1915 it was split into Northern Front and Western Front....

     (June - Aug. 1915)
  • Western Front
    Western Front (Russian Empire)
    The Western Front was a major unit of the Imperial Russian Army during the First World War. It was formed on the base of the Northwestern Front and disbanded in 1918.-Composition:Field Office * 1st Army...

     (August 1915 - June 1916)
  • Southwestern Front (June - July 1916)
  • Western Front (July 1916 - the beginning of 1918)


The Third Army was originally based in Dubno
Dubno is a city located on the Ikva River in the Rivne Oblast of western Ukraine. Serving as the administrative center of Dubno Raion , the city itself is also designated as a separate raion within the oblast...

. It comprised four Army Corps and three cavalry divisions, with the 3rd Caucasian Division joining them later. They were part of the invasion of Galicia, with the first stop for the staff officers was at Penyaki where they were made welcome by the servants of a house owned by a major in the Austrian Army. The building was set on fire by unknown people following their departure for Zolochev. Here the Army HQ was accommodated in a three-storey stone building which had previously been a bank.


  • Battle of Gnila Lipa
    Battle of Gnila Lipa
    The Battle of Gnila Lipa took place 26–30 August 1914 when the Imperial Russian Army invaded Galicia and confronted the Austro-Hungarian Army. It was part of a larger series of battles known collectively as the Battle of Galicia. The battle ended in a defeat of the Austro-Hungarian troops....

     (26–30 August 1914)
  • Battle of Limanowa
    Battle of Limanowa
    The Battle of Limanowa took place from December 1 and December 13, 1914, between the Austro-Hungarian Army and the Russian Army near the town of Limanowa ....

     (1–13 December 1914)


  • 19.07.1914—03.09.1914 — General of Infantry Nikolai Ruzsky
    Nikolai Ruzsky
    Nikolai Vladimirovich Ruzsky , was a Russian general of World War I.Career=His military career prior to the outbreak of World War I in August 1914 took him to both the Russo-Turkish War and the Russo-Japanese War, where he was Chief of Staff to the Second Manchurian Army. In between he served as...

  • 03.09.1914—20.05.1915 — General of Infantry Radko Dimitriev
    Radko Dimitriev
    Radko Dimitriev was a Bulgarian General, Head of the General Staff of the Bulgarian Army from 1 January 1904 to 28 March 1907.-Biography:...

  • 03.06.1915—03.08.1917 — General of Infantry Leonid Lesh
  • 03.08.1917—11.08.1917 — Lieutenant-General Mikhail Kvetsinsky
  • 11.08.1917—09.09.1917 — Lieutenant-General Tsikhovich
  • 12.09.1917—09.10.1917 — Lieutenant-General Ilia Odishelidze
    Ilia Odishelidze
    Ilia Odishelidze ; , Ilya Zurabovich Odishelidze) was a Georgian military leader who had also served as a general of the Imperial Russian army....

  • 09.09.1917—08.11.1917 — Lieutenant-General Dmitri Parsky
    Dmitri Parsky
    Dmitri Pavlovich Parsky was a Russian general who commanded the 3rd Army from 9 September 1917 to 8 November 1917.In 1893 he attended the General Staff Academy...

  • 08.11.1917 — Sergey Anuchin
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