2S7 Pion
The 2S7 Pion or Malka is a Soviet self-propelled
Self-propelled artillery
Self-propelled artillery vehicles are combat vehicles armed with artillery. Within the term are covered self-propelled guns and rocket artillery...

 gun. "2S7" is its GRAU
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It was identified for the first time in 1975 in the Soviet army
Soviet Army
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 and so was called M-1975 by NATO (the 2S4 Tyulpan
2S4 Tyulpan
The 2S4 Tyulpan is a Soviet self-propelled mortar. "2S4" is its GRAU designation.It was identified for the first time in 1975 in the Soviet army and so was called M-1975 by NATO , whereas its official designation is SM-240...

 also received the M-1975 designation), whereas its official designation is SO-203(2S7). Its design is based on a T-80
The T-80 is a main battle tank designed and manufactured in the former Soviet Union. A development of the T-64, it entered service in 1976 and was the first production tank to be equipped with a gas turbine engine for main propulsion.the Swedish Stridsvagn 103 of 1971 used a gas turbine alongside...

 chassis carrying an externally mounted 2A44 203 mm gun on the hull rear.

It takes the crew of 7 men 5–6 minutes to come into action and 3–5 minutes to come out of action. It carries 4 203 mm projectiles for immediate use while the remainder is carried by another vehicle and it is capable of firing nuclear ammunition of the same calliber. The gun has a range of 37,500 m but the range can be extended to 55,500 m by using RAPs (Rocket Assisted Projectiles). The Pion has also been the most powerful conventional artillery piece since entering service in 1983.


  • 2S7 Pion
    • 2S7M Mialka - An improved variant which entered service in 1983 that improved the gun's fire control systems, increased the rate of fire to 2.5 rounds per minute, and increased the ammunition load to 8 projectiles.
  • BTM-4 Trench Digger


Although no figures have been released, it is estimated that well over 1,000 have been built. - 12; (3 acquired in 2008 and 9 acquired in 2009) - 36 - 37 - unknown number, at least one, used for testing - 99 - 48

Former operators

- Passed on to successor states. - Withdrawn from service in 1990 - Withdrawn from service in 2006.

Popular Culture

The 2S7 Pion appears in in the video game, World in Conflict
World in Conflict
World in Conflict, or WiC, is a real-time tactical video game developed by the Swedish video game company Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows. The game was released in September 2007...

, as the Soviet heavy artillery piece.

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