1999 PBA All-Filipino Cup



With a 7–0 start, Mobiline had a losing run to finish the elimination round to put them out of contention from an outright semifinals berth. Being the #1 seed, they faced the ragtag Barangay Ginebra Kings
Barangay Ginebra Kings
The Barangay Ginebra Kings is a professional basketball team of the Philippine Basketball Association founded in 1979 and owned by the Ginebra San Miguel, Inc., a subsidiary of the San Miguel Corporation...


The Kings managed to keep in step with the Phone Pals throughout the game; with Mobiline leading by one point in the closing seconds, Bal David
Bal David
Bal Viray David Jr is a retired professional basketball player in the Philippine Basketball Association . He played as point guard for the Barangay Ginebra Kings...

 converted a jump-shot as time expired that caused jubilation at the mostly pro-Ginebra crowd. Asi Taulava
Asi Taulava
Pauliasi M. Taulava also known as Asi Taulava is a American-born Filipino-Tongan professional basketball player playing in the Philippines for the Meralco Bolts in the Philippine Basketball Association....

 broke down and slumped to the bench right after David's game-clinching jumper and booked a flight to the United States
United States
The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district...

 the day after the game.

Tanduay–Alaska series

Shell–Barangay Ginebra series

Barangay Ginebra would come up short in their playoffs run as the Zoom Masters swept them in their semifinals series, 3–0. Game 2 had a free-for all bench-clearing brawl that saw punches being thrown; Shell player Jay Mendoza instigated the fight when he elbowed Ginebra's Wilmer Ong. A total of P
Philippine peso
The peso is the currency of the Philippines. It is subdivided into 100 centavos . Before 1967, the language used on the banknotes and coins was English and so "peso" was the name used...

235,000 worth of fines were issued by PBA commissioner Jun Bernardino
Jun Bernardino
Emilio "Jun" Bernardino, Jr. was the fifth commissioner of the Philippine Basketball Association . He was elected as commissioner of the league in the 1993 PBA season and retired in the 2002 PBA season...

, the second-greatest amount since the 1991 Finals played ironically, by Shell and Ginebra where Ginebra walked out to hand Shell the championship trophy.

Third-place playoff


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