1993 Individual Speedway World Championship
The 1993 Individual Speedway World Championship.

World final

  • August 29, 1993 Pocking
    Pocking is a town in the district of Passau, in Lower Bavaria, Germany. It is situated about 30 km south-west of Passau, close to the Austrian border.-History:...

    , Rottalstadion

Pos. Rider Heat Scores Total
1   Sam Ermolenko
Sam Ermolenko
Guy Allen 'Sudden Sam' Ermolenko is a former Speedway rider. In 1993 he won the Speedway World Championship in Pocking, Germany. He is the older brother of Charles 'Dukie' Ermolenko who also rode in the UK....

(3,3,3,3,0) 12
2   Hans Nielsen
Hans Nielsen (speedway rider)
Hans Hollen Nielsen - a prominent speedway rider active from the 1970s to the late 1990s; a former World Champion....

(3,3,2,0,3) 11+3
3   Chris Louis
Chris Louis (speedway rider)
Christopher "Chris" Louis is an England international Speedway motorcycle rider who rides for the Ipswich Witches. He is the son of former Great Britain International John Louis who is the current promoter at Ipswich.-Career:...

(3,2,1,2,3) 11+2
4   Henrik Gustafsson
Henrik Gustafsson
Henrik Anders Gustafsson is an international Motorcycle speedway rider who won the 1993 World Pairs Championship with Tony Rickardsson and the Speedway World Team Cup with Sweden in 1994 and 2000...

(3,1,0,3,3) 10
5   Andy Smith
Andy Smith (speedway rider)
Andrew "Andy" Smith is a British motorcycle speedway rider. He won the British Speedway Championship three times in a row in 1993, 1994 and 1995, giving him the distinction of being one of only three riders ever to achieve this feat.Andy Smith also rode in Australia during his career, including...

(0,2,3,2,3) 10
6   Gary Havelock
Gary Havelock
Robert Gary Havelock is a speedway rider who currently captains the Redcar Bears in the British Premier League...

(2,2,3,1,2) 10
7   Tomasz Gollob
Tomasz Gollob
Tomasz Gollob is a Polish motorcycle speedway rider who has appeared in every Speedway Grand Prix series since its inaugural season in 1995. His brother Jacek is also a speedway rider.-Career summary:...

(1,3,2,2,0) 8
8   Peter Karlsson
Peter Karlsson (speedway rider)
Peter Gunnar Karlsson is an international motorcycle speedway rider who rides in the UK for the Belle Vue Aces in the Elite League....

(2,0,3,2,1) 8
9   Per Jonsson
Per Jonsson
Per Jonsson is a former speedway rider who won the Speedway World Championship in 1990, and finished runner-up in 1992.In 1985, his second season with the Reading Racers, the team won six major trophies...

(0,3,2,1,1) 7
10   Billy Hamill
Billy Hamill
William Gordon Hamill is an American international motorcycle speedway rider. He is a former Speedway World Champion, winning the title in 1996.-Early career:...

(2,1,1,1,2) 7
11   Gerd Riss
Gerd Riss
Gerd Riss is a German motorcycle speedway rider who was a member of Germany team at 2001 Speedway World Cup and who was started in Speedway Grand Prix of Germany....

(0,0,1,3,2) 6
12   Armando Castagna
Armando Castagna
Armando Castagna is a former Italian international motorcycle speedway rider. He was a member of the Italy national team and has represented them in several World Team Cup competitions.-Career:...

(1,0,1,3,0) 5
13   Joe Screen
Joe Screen
Joseph 'Joe' Screen , is a British international speedway rider who rides for the Glasgow Tigers in the British Premier League. In 2011 While pairing with James Grieves he won the Premier league Pairs For the Tigers...

(1,1,2,0,1) 5
14   Tony Rickardsson
Tony Rickardsson
Tony Rickardsson is a retired Swedish motorcycle speedway rider. He is widely acknowledged as being the most successful speedway rider of the current era, having won six Speedway World Championship titles in 15 attempts. He has two daughters, Michelle and Natalie with his wife Anna...

(1,2,0,0,1) 4
15   Leigh Adams
Leigh Adams
Leigh Scott Adams is an Australian motorcycle speedway rider. He is a multiple Speedway Grand Prix winner and World Team Champion...

(0,1,0,1,2) 4
16   Greg Hancock
Greg Hancock
Gregory Alan "Greg" Hancock is an American motorcycle speedway rider.He is a current Speedway World Champion and a multiple World Team champion with USA, with whom he is currently captain...

(2,0,0,0,0) 2
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