1986 Individual Speedway World Championship
The 1986 Individual Speedway World Championship.

World final

  • August 30, 1986 Chorzów
    Chorzów is a city in Silesia in southern Poland, near Katowice. Chorzów is one of the central districts of the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union - a metropolis with a population of 2 million...

    , Silesian Stadium

Pos. Rider Heat Scores Total
1   Hans Nielsen
Hans Nielsen (speedway rider)
Hans Hollen Nielsen - a prominent speedway rider active from the 1970s to the late 1990s; a former World Champion....

(2,3,3,3,3) 14
2   Jan O. Pedersen
Jan O. Pedersen
Jan Osvald Pedersen is a former Speedway rider who became Speedway World Champion in 1991 after finishing runner-up in 1986 and in third place in 1988 behind fellow Danes Erik Gundersen and Hans Nielsen...

(3,3,2,3,2) 13
3   Kelvin Tatum
Kelvin Tatum
Kelvin Martin Tatum MBE is a former British international motorcycle speedway and Grasstrack rider.-Career:...

(2,2,2,3,3) 12
4   Jimmy Nilsen
Jimmy Nilsen
Jimmy Nilsen is a former international motorcycle speedway rider from Sweden. He was Swedish Champion in 1996 after finishing 3rd in 1994. Nilsen also rode in five World Finals as well as representing Sweden in Test Matches....

(3,1,3,2,2) 11
5   Tommy Knudsen
Tommy Knudsen
Tommy Knudsen is a former Speedway rider who became Speedway World Pairs Champion in 1995 with Erik Gundersen. Tommy was also World Under-21 Champion in 1980...

(1,3,3,Fx,3) 10
6   Viktor Kuzniecov  (3,2,2,2,1) 10
7   Sam Ermolenko
Sam Ermolenko
Guy Allen 'Sudden Sam' Ermolenko is a former Speedway rider. In 1993 he won the Speedway World Championship in Pocking, Germany. He is the older brother of Charles 'Dukie' Ermolenko who also rode in the UK....

(1,2,1,3,2) 9
8   Neil Evitts
Neil Evitts
Neil Evitts is a former speedway rider who finished eighth in the Speedway World Championship in 1986 ....

(2,3,1,1,1) 8
9   Chris Morton
Chris Morton
Christopher John Morton MBE is a former motorcycle speedway rider. He rode bikes from a young age at the farm of Peter Collins' parents.-Brief career summary:...

(2,1,0,2,3) 8
10   Erik Gundersen
Erik Gundersen
Erik Gundersen was a speedway rider in the late 1970s and 1980s. Gundersen was the Speedway World Championship on three occasions, a two time Long Track World Champion and a seven time World Team Cup winner with Denmark.-Career:Gundersen rode for the Cradley Heath Heathens from 1979 until 1989...

(3,0,3,1,0) 7
11   Ryszard Dołomisiewicz  (1,2,0,2,1) 6
12   Marvyn Cox
Marvyn Cox
Marvyn Cox is a former Speedway rider . Cox was twice a winner of the German Individual Championship in 1993 and 1995-Domestic career:...

(0,1,2,0,0) 3
13   Karl Maier  (0,0,1,0,2) 3
14   Antonín Kasper, Jr.
Antonín Kasper, Jr.
Antonín 'Toni' Kasper was in international motorcycle speedway rider who appeared in four Speedway World Championship finals and featured in four Speedway Grand Prix series....

(0,0,1,0,1) 2
15   Armando Castagna
Armando Castagna
Armando Castagna is a former Italian international motorcycle speedway rider. He was a member of the Italy national team and has represented them in several World Team Cup competitions.-Career:...

(1,1,0,-,-) 2
16   Mitch Shirra
Mitch Shirra
Mitchell Owen Shirra is a former motorcycle speedway rider who rode with the Coventry Bees, Reading Racers, Swindon Robins and Ipswich Witches in the British League.-Career summary:...

(0,0,0,1,0) 1
R1   Petr Vandirek  (1,0) 1
R2   Jan Andersson did not ride
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