1985 Individual Speedway World Championship
The 1985 Individual Speedway World Championship.

World final

  • August 31, 1985 Bradford
    Bradford lies at the heart of the City of Bradford, a metropolitan borough of West Yorkshire, in Northern England. It is situated in the foothills of the Pennines, west of Leeds, and northwest of Wakefield. Bradford became a municipal borough in 1847, and received its charter as a city in 1897...

    , Odsal Stadium
    Odsal Stadium
    Odsal Stadium is a stadium situated in Odsal, Bradford in West Yorkshire, England. The venue is used for rugby league and has been the home ground of Bradford Bulls/Bradford Northern since 1934...

Pos. Rider Heat Scores Total
1   Erik Gundersen
Erik Gundersen
Erik Gundersen was a speedway rider in the late 1970s and 1980s. Gundersen was the Speedway World Championship on three occasions, a two time Long Track World Champion and a seven time World Team Cup winner with Denmark.-Career:Gundersen rode for the Cradley Heath Heathens from 1979 until 1989...

(1,3,3,3,3) 13+3
2   Hans Nielsen
Hans Nielsen (speedway rider)
Hans Hollen Nielsen - a prominent speedway rider active from the 1970s to the late 1990s; a former World Champion....

(3,3,3,1,3) 13+2
3   Sam Ermolenko
Sam Ermolenko
Guy Allen 'Sudden Sam' Ermolenko is a former Speedway rider. In 1993 he won the Speedway World Championship in Pocking, Germany. He is the older brother of Charles 'Dukie' Ermolenko who also rode in the UK....

(2,3,3,2,3) 13+1
4   Kai Niemi
Kai Niemi
Kai Juhani Niemi is former international motorcycle speedway rider who represented Finland in the World Team Cup...

(2,3,2,3,0) 10
5   Shawn Moran
Shawn Moran
Shawn Moran is a retired former professional speedway rider who was one of the most popular and talented riders ever to race for Sheffield Tigers who also represented USA....

(3,1,1,3,2) 10
6   Tommy Knudsen
Tommy Knudsen
Tommy Knudsen is a former Speedway rider who became Speedway World Pairs Champion in 1995 with Erik Gundersen. Tommy was also World Under-21 Champion in 1980...

(2,2,1,2,3) 10
7   John Cook
John Cook (speedway rider)
John Kenneth 'Cowboy' Cook is a former American international motorcycle speedway rider. He was represented the USA in several World Team Cup Finals.-Career:...

(0,2,3,3,1) 9
8   Kelvin Tatum
Kelvin Tatum
Kelvin Martin Tatum MBE is a former British international motorcycle speedway and Grasstrack rider.-Career:...

(3,0,1,2,2) 8
9   Jan O. Pedersen
Jan O. Pedersen
Jan Osvald Pedersen is a former Speedway rider who became Speedway World Champion in 1991 after finishing runner-up in 1986 and in third place in 1988 behind fellow Danes Erik Gundersen and Hans Nielsen...

(3,1,1,1,1) 7
10   Jan Andersson  (1,1,2,1,2) 7
11   Lance King  (0,2,2,1,1) 6
12   Egon Müller
Egon Müller
Egon Muller is a former international motorcycle speedway rider and was winner of the Speedway World Championship in 1983, winning the title in his homeland with a maximum score of 15 points. He was also German Champion eight times...

(2,1,0,2,0) 5
13   Armando Castagna
Armando Castagna
Armando Castagna is a former Italian international motorcycle speedway rider. He was a member of the Italy national team and has represented them in several World Team Cup competitions.-Career:...

(0,2,2,0,0) 4
14   Zoltán Adorján
Zoltán Adorján
Zoltán Adorján is former international motorcycle speedway rider who appeared in two Speedway World Championship finals and finished third in the World Pairs Championship in 1990.-World Final Appearances:...

(0,0,0,0,2) 2
15   Viktor Kuzniecov  (1,0,0,0,1) 2
16   Karl Maier  (1,0,0,0,0) 1
R1   Grzegorz Dzikowski  did not ride
R2   Phil Collins
Phil Collins (speedway rider)
Philip David 'Phil' Collins is a former Speedway rider. He once finished runner-up with England in the World Team Cup final in 1984 and third in 1985. He was British Under-21 Champion in 1978...

did not ride
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