1980 Individual Speedway World Championship
The 1980 Individual Speedway World Championship.

World final

  • September 5, 1980 Göteborg, Ullevi
    Ullevi is a stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden. The stadium was built for the 1958 FIFA World Cup, but since then Ullevi has also hosted the 1995 World Championships in Athletics and the 2006 European Championships in Athletics, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup finals in 1983 and 1990, the UEFA Euro 1992...

Pos. Rider Heat Scores Total
1   Michael Lee
Michael Lee (speedway rider)
Michael Andrew Lee is a former international speedway rider who won the Speedway World Championship in 1980...

(2,3,3,3,3) 14
2   Dave Jessup
Dave Jessup
David John Jessup is a former speedway rider who finished runner-up the Speedway World Championship in 1980 to fellow countryman Michael Lee. The same season he won the World Pairs Championship with Peter Collins and became British Speedway Champion after finishing runner-up in 1978 and third in...

(3,2,2,2,3) 12+3
3   Billy Sanders
Billy Sanders
William Robert Sanders 'Billy Sanders' was an Australian international Speedway rider who won six Australian Championships and was a five time Speedway World Championship finalist with a career best second place in Germany 1983.-Australian Speedway:Billy Sanders bought his first speedway bike from...

(3,1,3,2,3) 12+2
4   Jan Andersson  (3,0,2,3,3) 11
5   Bruce Penhall
Bruce Penhall
Bruce Lee Penhall is a retired American motorcycle speedway racer who also starred in television and in film. He was the World Speedway Champion in 1981 and 1982 and rode for the successful Cradley Heath Heathens speedway team in the United Kingdom...

(3,2,1,1,2) 9
6   John Davis
John Davis (speedway rider)
John Henry Davis is a former international motorcycle speedway rider who represented England when they won the World Team Cup in 1977.-World Final Appearances:* 1977 - Gothenburg, Ullevi - Reserve - did not ride...

(2,1,1,3,2) 9
7   Peter Collins
Peter Collins (speedway rider)
Peter Spencer Collins MBE is a former Speedway rider who spent his whole career with the Belle Vue Aces, the team he supported as a child...

(1,3,3,1,0) 8
8   Kai Niemi
Kai Niemi
Kai Juhani Niemi is former international motorcycle speedway rider who represented Finland in the World Team Cup...

(0,1,3,2,2) 8
9   Chris Morton
Chris Morton
Christopher John Morton MBE is a former motorcycle speedway rider. He rode bikes from a young age at the farm of Peter Collins' parents.-Brief career summary:...

(2,1,1,3,1) 8
10   Finn Thomsen
Finn Thomsen
Finn Thomsen is a former motorcycle speedway rider who first rode in the UK with the Wolverhampton Wolves. Signed by Len Silver for the Hackney Hawks in a swap deal with Dave Morton, becoming team captain in 1980 . When the Hawks closed at the end of the season 1983 he then retired from British...

(2,3,1,0,1) 7
11   Hans Nielsen
Hans Nielsen (speedway rider)
Hans Hollen Nielsen - a prominent speedway rider active from the 1970s to the late 1990s; a former World Champion....

(1,2,0,2,2) 7
12   Aleš Dryml, Sr.  (0,3,2,0,0) 5
13   Jiří Štancl
Jirí Štancl
Jiří Štancl is a former international speedway rider who reached the final of theSpeedway World Championship on nine occasions, finishing a career best 9th in 1982 in Los Angeles...

(1,2,0,1,1) 5
14   Egon Müller
Egon Müller
Egon Muller is a former international motorcycle speedway rider and was winner of the Speedway World Championship in 1983, winning the title in his homeland with a maximum score of 15 points. He was also German Champion eight times...

(1,0,2,R,1) 4
15   Zenon Plech
Zenon Plech
Zenon Plech is a former Polish international motorcycle speedway rider.He finished third in the Speedway World Championship in 1973 and then runner-up in 1979.-Career summary:...

(R,0,0,1,0) 1
16   Petr Ondrašík
Petr Ondrašík
Petr Ondrašík is a former Czechoslovak international speedway rider who reached the World Final four times...

(0,0,0,0,0) 0
R1   Ole Olsen  did not ride
R2   Vaclav Verner did not ride
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