Why is granite so popular as a countertop material?
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There are several answers to that question:

• First and foremost, looks! Granite comes in some amazing colors, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful stones in the world.

• Durability. Granite lasts the lifetime of a person's home without chipping or scratching, and is impervious to heat. The color and polished surface of granite do not fade over time.

• Economics. With the new technology available to the miners and fabricators of granite, the cost of granite has dropped dramatically in the last few decades. Stone prices are now competitive with man-made options, and granite lasts longer than any other surface!

• Ecology. Although mining is rough on the environment, other products are far worse in several ways. Man-made products create potentially deadly by-products which go straight to our crowded landfills. Due to granite's durability and timeless beauty it does not need to be replaced or upgraded, whereas man-made counters are replaced several times over the life of a building, further adding waste (both environmentally and financially).

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