Why demons are by nature malevolent
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I have been wondering about whether creation was true or we actually evolved. I needed to know how to start living my life, since we will all die one day! I found that creation is true. The reason they (demons)act so bad by nature is that God has judged them for their disobedience.-(the bible) Here is their punishment. They are currently damned to pass through only a everlasting desolate and dry realm seeking rest,that God has damned them to experience. They enter humans seeking rest from their torment. A simple explanation is that this condition would cause any creature, whether spiritual or material to go mad! Plus, with seperation from God, they became unclean over time and lost their divine original nature. I did not know this until I remembered what Jesus said about them and searching to understand the thing. What Jesus said vindicates God by way of creation, because in truth, God wouldn't create a snarling, ripping, clawing, tearing beast that ravages with no end.
If you need some help for convincing facts that there is even a spiritual realm. Go to youtube and look under
the (((Asheville N.C. Highschool ghost.))) This was enough after I learned that God did create everything to give a perspective on how uncomprehendable our God is, to credit a News station and life in coming to terms that such a realm exists! If you need help to accept creationism by God, consider how a easier one, consider where everything (all molecular or material existence) in the universe or cosmos came from! Scientist can only see into the cosmos a diamater of about 300 billion light years, about 160 from each side of the earth. There is nothing out there but the concept of eternity hid in darkness to any direction! So, even with the idea that a big-bang happened, and God did that, one has to know that science can only say that all matter (foolishly) came from matter colliding with anti-matter making matter. And just where these scientist lost reality on that is anyones guess, and a unbelievers worst nightmere, because the matter they are taling about, had to come from someone or something, and we know that nothing comes from nothing. And its true throughout the universe.(think about it) The material world is just one of two realms the we currently know of. Its another vast and boundless aspect of a incomprehendable God and that God created us! Try searching by googling "how big is the universe" or "Where did matter come from"! Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you all in eternities future, since keeping track of time may not continue forever with God and Jesus!