What/who created the dinosaurs and why
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There is much discussion today about overpopulation of the earth, if we continue to grow humans on this planet we will eventually arrive at a day when there isn't enough space to grow the food to sustain us.

I believe that situation has existed at least once in history, but not necessarily on this planet.

If you believe that we are not the first civilization in the universe and previous cultures had the ability to travel between the planets, then it is possible to imagine that the earth may have been a food garden for that civilization.

Create a self sustaining population of animals that can supply a food source to an overrun home planet.

Today it is possible to manipulate dna to alter the developement of any living embryo, giving chickens teeth and hair or fur.

An acient advanced civilization could have easily bio-engineered animals on this planet to grow to enormous size.

In the case of the dinosurs, most would agree they were vastly disproportionate in size to their envionment.

If that civilization had to transport the harvested carcases to their planet it seems logical that there is more usable sustanance in a 300 ton dinosaur than a 500 lb cow and less handling.

Some might agrue the presence of predators in the population? What better way to keep the herd healthy than to assure that the sick and elderly were culled.

Let me finish my opening by saying that if the dinosaurs existed on this planet for 170 million years, in numbers that we are told were extreme, why aren't dinosaur bones everywhere?

I also believe that whatever killed the dinosaurs ( or at least the big ones) was also reponsible for the demise of their gardeners! no food = no life
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I got a little lost in your logic but it is entertaining. I believe the fossil records of dinosaurs are sprinkled through out the earth and not all bones were turned into fossils, its a tricky process.

But lets tackle the civilizations from other planets using earth to grow food. Actually that is an interesting idea. Would these people have created the environment the dinosaurs lived in, a hot tropical green house or they find earth that way?

And your idea that these people introduced predators into the ecosystem to weed out the sick and weak might suggest that they were organic farmers and did use chemicals or other antibiotics. Then perhaps when the meteorites bombarded the planet it these folks where forced to abandon the earth leaving the farm animals to fend for themselves. "Life finding it's way."
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Let's agree that every living organism requires sustenance. That discussion never seems to float to the surface in discussions of extraterrestrial life.

To address your second point, it seems more logical that this planet presented a solution to an overpopulated civilation's problem of food. I don't think at the time the earth's environment offered a suitable living space for that civilization. But it did offer a space that they could manipulate to solve the food problem.

If we agree that at some point in history the planet mars had the ability to sustain life, that may be where they lived. But at some time in history the conditions changed, mars got colder, many reasons, probably the sun's slow cooling. But at the same time earth is becoming more favorable, cooling to tolerable temperatures.

I don't think they left earth because of being bombarded by mateorites,(most would burn up upon entry ) but may have eventually left their home planet ( wherever that was) because conditions changed for the worse. The earth may not have been perfect for them but it could sustain life.

As far as the predator thing goes, with the ability to manipulate the development of a species, anything is possible. It became " organic " because it was easier, not by preference.

If you instill a species with the drive for survival, reproduction takes the forfront ( human race, for example ) and as farmers ( for lack of a better word ) you simply gather the crops as needed, very little "hands on" required if the right genetic buttons are pushed initially.

The demise of the situation was probably a disruption of the home planet, or possibly the extinction of the dinosaur on earth. Imagine how much food it will take to feed the earth's population at 10 billion, the wipe out the supply in 2 weeks, talk about infrastructure collapse and panic, not to mention death of the masses.

It is, after all, a theory.

American indian legend states that we ( human race ) came here from the red planet, Mars is red from earth, but I doubt it was red when and if it ever sustained life.