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What is political philosphy? Discus the famous thories at appropriat level?
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Well, it doesn't look like anyone has been here for awhile - had to blow the cobwebs off this forum. (:
I have no idea what political philosophy is. Was that supposed to be a question mark after the second sentence? I am a newbie, in baby college, who has just discovered that I like history (who new?). I thought I was pursuing a communications degree, now, I think it will be political science.
The reason for that ties into this "philosophy" of politics. I don't know what you mean by famous theories, but I recently read and wrote a paper about Prince Klemens von Metternich, who in my opinion, came up with Nash equilibrium in his Political Confession of Faith (1840 I believe), before there was a term "game theory". While he directed this toward the monarchy, fitting for his time, his statements are applicable to all forms of governing.
Now, Metternich was an idealist. And if human being were capable of being our higher selves, his politics would work.
But we aren't, and then Bismark came into the picture and built upon Metternich, again, in my opinion, with realpolitik. This maintained peace, but resulted in the 20th Century Cold War, with everyone amassing weaponry.
Well, here we are today, with some serious issues, the root of which (in my opinion)is overpopulation.
I'm fearful of what the powers that be, have planned to resolve such a serious situation.