The loss of the Garthpool; research
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I am new to this forum, so I wonder if any one can help me.

I am researching the story of the Garthpool, an old four masted square rigged barque, or windjammer, that once carried jute, oil then later wheat in the Australian Grain run.

The Garthpool was wrecked off Boa Vista, in the Cape Verde Islands on the 11th of November 1929.

I am looking into the story and have already got several sources of information, from articles, to books, to internet records and numerous email contacts. I have many photos but I am always looking for additional records and details about the journey and the stories of the crewwho were on her last journey.

Amongst them was my great grand father, Christopher Bedford Steel (1907-1943) who was a passenger/apprentice on board for the expeience of the voyage.

If you know anything about the Garthpool or know anyone with a link to the story of it's wrecking, I'd appreciate any information or help.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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Jess Fox