Croix de guerre
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Some prior to 1998 I read in newspapers and saw photos of Australian veterans of World War1 being presented with the French Croix de Guerre, and the article stated that all Australian Veterans of WW1 who fought in France were awarded the medal.

later in 1998 in a commemoration at Villers Brettenoux the French govt awarded the Legion of Honour to 4 Australian veterans of WW1, and I have been advised that an additional 700 plus veterans who were still living at the time were also awarded the legion of Honour.

I would like somebody to give me information on the earlier award of the French Croix de Guerre to Australian veterans of WW1

I need to know

What date it was awarded

was the medal also awarded to all veterans who served in the forces of Britain, Canada, New Zealand, USA and any others, who fought to liberate France in WW1

where can I find an reliable written source to read the information about this award