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Real life nuclear emergency in progress March 12, 2011, Fukushima, Japan
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People who still believe that nuclear power is safe should pay close attention to the news now and watch the nuclear emergency in progress at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plower plant, 5 reactors lost cooling ability after the 8.9 quake hit. a fuel rod melt down could affect humans up to a 10 Km radius.Iodine has already been distributed to combat radiation damage for people already exposed to the low level radiation leakage. the Japanese government declared a nulear emergency after emergency diesel backup system cease functioning at the Toyko electric power plant. I hope Japan donesn't have to face a double jeopardy. CCTV9 has been covering the situation around the clock.

update: the explosion that occurred on no. 1 reactor is of the chemical nature and not nuclear. vented hydrogen reacts with oxygen and cause the explosion that blown out the building, the 15 cm thick stainless steel casing of the reactor core remains intact. it has been confirmed that reactor no 1 has a partial melt down as sea water is injected in as an attempt to avert a total melt down. cool down was successful on reactor no 1 but it is venting contaminated steam into the atmophere. up to 190 people may have been exposted and the evacuation area has been expanded to a 40 KM radius or approximately 5,000 square KMs. as of early this moring PST time, no 6 reactor lost cooling and may be heading for a melt down. Japanese scientists are confident that they can contain the trouble on this new development because of the experiences gained from the first 2 cooling problem that occured. BTW by injecting sea water to submerge the reactor core, the ractor is of no further use and have to be retired. all efforts now is to save life. $18 billion dollars has been suggested as lost. a hard decision , but it is the only one.I praise them for that. Lets hope their efforts are successful. reports differ from hour to hour as to the success of the containment. everyone will be in total mess for some times to come. I have friends and family vacationing in the Asia pacific region and will not be at ease until they returned to Canadian soil.

day 4 monday, march 14/2011

Yesterday I was optimistic that the Japanese was keeping the nuclear emergency under controlled, Today I am not so sure. Saturday reactor 1 blew up the building. the 15 cm thick stinless steel core container was not breached. Sunday reactor 3, the super dangerous plutonium Mox reactor 3 blew. Today reactor 2 blew, and reactor 4 is now on fire. We already knew reactor 6 lost cooling and is heading for melt down. what next? we are possibly looking at 3 mile island x 4 or even a Chernobyl all over again. time to worry. who still says nuclear power is safe.

march 15/2011 2:00 pm Tokyo time.

the Japanese government ordered the evacuation of the last 50 workers fighting a loosing battle because of dangerous level of radiation and asked the US millitary for help. Exact details of the situation are not known, the future of nuclear power generation will indeed depends on what happens on the next few day. The US is starting to shut down the gulf operations, German chancellor Merkel ordered the shut down of 17 reactors for safety assessment. Tokyo resdents are leaving in drove. doesn't look good. Japan is going away from 3 mile islands and heading towards Chernobyl. The US navy start to take an active role in the disaster. Lets put our colective consciousness together to help Japan and the earth to get out of this one! good luck to all of us. This is not only a Japanese matter, a total melt down will put the erth in dire danger.

March 17/2011: Today is the first day of the aftermath that the situation did not get worst, to me , this is a better day. hope we are in an improving trend.